Seminar #1 – Timeline, NCAA guidelines, and Rules (Specific to Grade 10)

  • The recruiting process timeline - what the S-A should be doing and when
                          - brief review of the Gr. 9 timeline
                          - detailed overview of the Gr. 10 timeline
  • S-A’s must ensure they are on track to meet the NCAA Eligibility Centre academic requirements
  • Registering with the NCAA Eligibility Centre
  • Are the schools on your list the ‘right fit’ for you
  • How your list of schools evolve from year to year
  • Marketing process – establish and continue correspondence with coaches of schools on your list
  • Has the S-A provided an Athletic Portfolio to coaches
  • Preparing game/footage for coaches to preview
  • Importance of attending U.S. college camps/clinics
  • Guidelines/rules coaches must adhere to while recruiting
                            - review the Grade 9 guidelines
                            - explore the Grade 10 guidelines
  • Phoning the coach can be intimidating – how and what to say
  • What are and when should unofficial visits occur
  • Why is Sept. 1 an important date when you get to Grade 11

Date - January 11, 2018
Time - 8:00pm - 9:00pm
Location - Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre
                   875 Morningside Ave
                   Toronto, ON  M1C 0C7

Cost - $40 

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Seminar #2 – Academic Requirements for NCAA and OUA/CIS Eligibility

Academic Requirements:

  • Academic Requirements related to DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, OUA/CIS
  • Which Ontario High School courses are recognized as NCAA core courses
  • Review the NCAA core course guidelines  
  • Review the number of required NCAA Core Courses in each subject area for DI and DII eligibility
  • Are you in the correct Grade 10 courses to ensure NCAA academic eligibility
  • Look ahead to Grade 11 course selection
        - what are ‘M’ and ‘U’ level courses
        - which Grade 11 courses are recognized by the NCAA Eligibility Centre
        - meeting the NCAA academic requirements
        - how to be an early academic qualifier
  • The wrong courses can lead to being ineligible to participate in the NCAA
  • Review the Role of the NCAA Eligibility Centre

Grade Point Average (GPA):

  • Review how the NCAA Eligibility Centre calculates GPA
  • Why to avoid marks of 68, 69, 78, 79 %
  • GPA for eligibility centre versus GPA for individual college admission offices                               

Sliding scale:  

  • Provide S-A’s an understanding of the sliding scale requirements for DI and DII schools
  • Ensure S-A’s can determine how their personal grades relate to the sliding scale
  • Reinforcing the importance and benefits of good marks
  • The sliding scale requirements often motivates the S-A to achieve better grades

SAT and ACT Testing:

  • Overview of what the SAT and ACT tests are 
  • When is the best time to write the test
  • Address the subject areas that are included on each test
  • Explanation of the scoring system
  • Advantages of writing the test more than once

Individualized Educational Plan (IEP):

  • Some exemptions for students with IEP’s
  • For those with a possible learning disability ensure the S-A has a documented IEP    

Date - February 1, 2018
Time - 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Location - Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre
                   875 Morningside Ave
                   Toronto, ON  M1C 0C7

Cost - $75

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