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Student-Athletes Game Plan has been in business since 2008 and has helped numerous student-athlete's in their pursuit of an NCAA athletic scholarship. With the number of Canadians seeking scholarship opportunities Student-Athletes Game Plan has expanded its services. In order to address each athlete, coach and club/school needs we now offer a variety of workshop packages, individual athlete consulting, and specific seminar options. We also offer 4 different Student-Athlete Game Plan memberships - Platinum, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

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On what can be a very overwhelming process of pursuing an athletic scholarships at U.S. Colleges/Universities, Student-Athletes game plan can help you.

Some of the many topics that Student-Athletes Game Plan services address are:
  • learn how to market yourself to U.S. college coaches
  • fully understand the steps to follow during the recruiting process
  • make sure your Gr. 9 - 12 high school courses meet NCAA eligibility requirements
  • understand the expectations and reality of playing at a U.S. college/university
  • be prepared to pursue your dream

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Founder of Student-Athletes Game
Plan Head Consultant and Advisor

Barb Boyes founded Student-Athletes Game Plan in 2009 and has assisted many Canadian Student-Athletes who are pursuing or hope to pursue an athletic scholarship. Barb is Game Plan’s head consultant and advisor for both NCAA and OUA prospects pursuing athletic scholarships.  

Barb knows the value and importance of the student-athlete taking their education and athletic future in their own hands, as college/university coaches prefer dealing directly with the student-athlete throughout the recruiting process. Student-Athletes Game Plan is NOT a recruiting agency that does the work for you at a significant price tag. Instead, we offer a number of cost effective services providing the student-athlete with the skills, knowledge and confidence to deal directly with coaches while pursuing an athletic scholarship.  

Barb retired after having worked 30 years as a physical education high school teacher, guidance counsellor, and coach with the Durham District School Board. In addition, Barb has worked extensively as a coach and administrator in community sports. She has a tremendous background of working with student-athletes and motivating them to set and achieve their goals. Barb believes that there is a place to play and achieve athletic scholarship funding for most serious student-athletes. This belief has come to fruition for many student-athletes that she has worked with in the past. Her experience and knowledge surrounding athletic scholarships and the NCAA recruiting process has helped many student-athletes of varying levels of talent successfully pursue their goal of achieving a scholarship. Barb emphasizes the importance of finding the ‘right fit’ academically and athletically. 

Barb has worked with and provided guidance to include athletes in a number of sports, including baseball, basketball, equestrian, football, golf, hockey, lacrosse, softball, swimming, track and field, and volleyball. Barb provides insight and guidance that will allow the athlete to pursue the best avenue for successfully attaining an athletic scholarship, whether that be through the NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA. With the ever improving athletic scholarship funding available through Canadian University athletic programs, Game Plan can be of assistance to student-athletes hoping to earn some of that athletic funding while attending a Canadian university.

Barb has coached a variety of sports at the high school and community level, and has coached at the Provincial and National level for women’s field lacrosse. She founded the Lady Blue Knights Lacrosse Association in 2000 and has also been the Executive Director of the clubs which has achieved 57 Provincial Championships and 4 Ontario Summer Games Championships. While many of the club players have gone on to play OUA lacrosse, what stands out is the 40 plus players that have gone on athletic scholarships to play in the NCAA or NAIA. “Being successful in achieving a scholarship, a certain level of talent is obviously necessary, but it is having the knowledge base and understanding of how to approach the recruiting process that is key”, says Barb.

Ultimately, Barb is very passionate about creating opportunities for student-athletes to put themselves in a position to receive their education while playing a sport on an athletic scholarship whether that is in the NCAA, NAIA or OUA.   

Sign up today and take advantage of Barb’s vast level of knowledge, insight and experience in working with student-athlete’s looking toward an athletic scholarship. Student-athletes game plan will help reduce the stress that comes with working through the recruiting process, and replace it with excitement and anticipation as the student-athlete works toward successfully finding that ‘right fit’