DVD Game Play

Most coaches will ask to see game footage of your play. It can be sent on a DVD or can be made available to the coach on-line.

How long should the DVD be? 
  • most coaches say 5 - 15 minutes(depending on the sport)
Should I add sound?
  • most coaches are indifferent to music      
  • coaches are more interested in  your game play     
What Should Go On The DVD?
  • player briefly introduces self - give pertinent info such as player number and position
  • wear your jersey during the introduction
  • highlights - start with 5 minutes of your best skills
  • game play - provide a good continuous section of game play, as coaches want to see "the good with the bad". They want to see how you react in various situations.
  • use an identifying mark (ex. an arrow, spotlight) to help coach easily identify you.
Should have game footage available for coaches by the summer of your Sophomore Year (Gr. 10) If you are a top Division I prospect you will likely need it sooner.