Game Plan workshops are designed for Student-Athletes to work with a hands on approach to various topics that will be helpful in securing a scholarship. A game plan advisor will work with student-athletes in small groups. It is recommended that teammates/friends form a group of 3 – 5 and decide on a workshop topic. Student-athletes will require their laptop.

(It is recommended that a parent of each student-athlete attend the workshop).

Workshop #1 – Creating Your Athletic Portfolio
This workshop provides the student-athlete an opportunity to put together their athletic portfolio. The objective will be for student-athletes to come up with a finished product that highlights their strengths and provides an excellent marketing tool for capturing the interest of U.S. College coaches.

Workshop #2 – Personalizing Your Timeline
It is beneficial for the Student-Athlete to begin the recruiting process at, or before, the beginning of Grade 9 to ensure optimal results. The recruiting process requires certain tasks and activities to be carried out at specific times between grade 9 through and 12. This workshop will help student-athletes ensure required tasks along with recommended ones that are part of their personalized a timeline. Although starting early is beneficial, it is never too late to start the process; each timeline will be individualized to meet your goals.

Workshop #3 –Are you NCAA Eligible?
For student-athletes to compete in NCAA Division I and II, they must be certified as eligible by the NCAA Eligibility Center. Academic records are reviewed to determine if the student-athlete meets the requirements: 16 NCAA core courses completed in Gr. 9 – 12, minimum GPA based on marks grade 9 through 12, SAT/ACT scores, and the sliding scale. This workshop will allow the student-athlete to be proactive in ensuring requirements are being met as they chart their core courses, calculate their GPA, discuss course selections and review the requirements in relation to their current academic status.

Cost: $150 per workshop (3 – 5 participants share the cost)