Communicating with NCAA Coaches can be intimidating for most student-athletes, however, it is an important part of the recruiting process and making yourself known to coaches. Coaches cannot call, email or text a Student-athlete until Sept. 1 of your Jr. Year. You should be emailing and calling coaches well before that. Hopefully the following tips will help you when speaking with coaches.

Tips for Communicating with Coaches:
  1. Coaches prefer the athlete initiates the communication - not the parent.
  2. Coaches prefer to communicate 90% of the time with the athlete. When discussing finances the parents should have communication with the coach.
  3. Take the initiative - pick up the phone and call.  Don’t wait for them to contact you – they are NOT allowed until Sept. 1 of your Jr. Year.    The coaches want to speak with you, but they are restricted from initiating the call.  If you are still in Gr. 9 or 10, the coach because of their restrictions cannot return your call or email.  Leave a message, and continue to call.  BE PERSISTENT!!!.
  4. Prepare what you are going to say prior to calling. Research the schools website so you have some insight to their program.
  5. Do a mock phone conversation with your parent or coach.
  6.  If you get voicemail, leave a clear message and say you will call back. (remember they cannot return your call).  Be specific about when you will call back. Be sure to address the coach by " Coach _______". Be sure to call back.
  7. Once you make the call and you have the coach on the line, speak clearly, introduce yourself, where you are from and what team/club you play for. If you have sent them your athletic portfolio ask if they have had a chance to look at it.That is a great way to initiate the conversation. Generally, the coach will carry the conversation, but you should have some questions ready. Here are some examples:
    * I am interested in studying _________, what is your ________ program like?
    * How many Seniors do you have graduating in ______ (the year you will begin)? - or you may have checked this on the website and mention it.
    * What role do you see me playing? What position?
    * What does a typical daily schedule look like while in season?
    * What are your team goals for the next few seasons?
  8.  Sometimes coaches are hard to get a hold of - BE PERSISTENT!