The Recruiting Process

The Recruiting Process for an athlete can be a very stressful time. Some of the questions you may be asking yourself include:

  • How do you get coaches to notice you?
  • What if coaches aren’t contacting me?
  • When does the recruiting process actually start?
  • Am I good enough to get a scholarship?
  • What kind of schools could I play at?
  • How much is a scholarship worth?
  • Do I have to write the SAT test?
  • What is a verbal commitment?
  • What kind of marks do I have to have?
  • Will the program I take be recognized in Ontario once I graduate?

Student-Athletes' Game Plan not only will answer all of these questions for you, but we will help you develop a Game Plan to approach the recruiting process. The earlier an athlete starts the process the better. Ideally, this process should begin at the end of Grade 8 or the beginning of grade 9. At this stage, it is mostly about ensuring you are in the correct courses in high school and becoming educated on the entire recruiting process timeline. If you have not started the recruiting process this early - it is not too late. The longer you leave it, the more challenging it becomes. Planning is crucial to being successful in earning a scholarship.

Student-Athletes' Game Plan has developed a blue print for the recruiting process that has proven to be successful for numerous student-athletes. You can avoid the stress that the recruiting process can bring, turn it into excitement and anticipation by being educated on the recruiting process, and ultimately earn a scholarship. Sign up today and increase your chances of securing an athletic scholarship.