Seminar #2

Timeline, NCAA Guidelines and Rules 

There are numerous tasks as outlined by the NCAA that the student-athlete must complete at specific times during the recruiting process. There are also many activities that if carried out at the appropriate times will help tremendously in securing a scholarship. There are many NCAA rules and guidelines that college coaches must adhere to while recruiting student-athletes. It is imperative that the student-athlete have an understanding of the rules/guidelines that directly impact them. This seminar will provide detailed insight to a successful timeline, along with reviewing a variety of NCAA rules and guidelines that will assist the student-athlete while going through the recruiting process.

Topics Include:
  • A timeline Grade 9 through 12 of what needs to be done during the recruiting process
  • Rules that govern the college ability to communicate with the student-athlete ie. when are coaches allowed to email, text, or call a recruit.
  • Unofficial and Official visits – how to set up, how many are recommended
  • Rules governing the signing of the National Letter of Intent (NLI)
  • I-20 for International students
  • Out-of-Country insurance