"As the parent of a student/athlete hoping to access the U.S. Education system, the whole process can be quite over whelming! We attended one of Ms. Boyes' seminars and found it to be very enlightening and one that put the concept into terms and timelines that are easier to follow. The hard copy of course materials provides us with a reference for revisiting when needed and is invaluable. The firsthand information provided by a parent whose daughter is attending a U.S. University provided insight from a parents perspective as well as focusing on some of the issues that they, as a family, encountered. I would highly recommend the program."

Vicki D. Shaw McKinnon - Parent


"Having the knowledge BEFORE the recruiting process begins in the junior year of high school is absolutely the ONLY way to prepare for what will be an exciting, scary, and insanely busy time!! Attending the "Game Plan" seminar offered by Barb Boyes not only prepared us by teaching us how to market our daughter's skills and achievements, but knowing what to do and when at every step of the process, let us enjoy it as well! We would highly recommend that any athlete that thinks they may want to pursue a US scholarship attend this seminar and get prepared for what can be a wild ride. Our daughter had a very successful recruiting process and we believe that aside from her own dedication and hard work in her sport, learning all about the NCAA and the college recruiting process from Barb gave her the tools and the confidence to achieve her dream!"

Kelly Lyons - Parent


"Barb Boyes provides our Elite Athletes with an exceptional road map and instruction on pursuing opportunities to take their game to the next level in the NCAA. The Clarington AAA hockey association is committed to promoting its athletes and the Student-Athletes Game Plan Seminar is a key component in that commitment"

Mark Morissette - Chairperson, Clarington Zone Hockey Association


"I have had the pleasure of working with Barb Boyes of the Student-Athletes Game Plan for the last three years.  Barb meticulously worked with each individual player on my girls’ soccer squad planning individualized approaches catered to individual needs and goals.  Barb was available anytime and any day to answer questions and worked with a school counselor to ensure players were on the right academic path. Barb had a year by year plan starting from grade 9 through to grade 12 for each player, addressing course selection as well as contact procedures and application timelines with respect the athletic side of the player/student goals.  I would recommend Barb and the Student-Athletes Game Plan to anyone who is serious about becoming a student/athlete."

Peter John Gualandris - Coach, Oshawa Kicks Soccer Club