Grade 11 Seminar #2 Marketing Self to College Coaches


Seminar #2 - Marketing Yourself to College Coaches (for Student-Athlete’s not committed)

By Gr. 11 some athletes will be well on their way (may even have made a verbal commitment) but most will still be working on finding the right fit.  For those still working on finding the ‘right fit’:

  • Continue to address NCAA - DI, DII and DIII, the NAIA and CIS/OUA as viable options
  • Understanding that the Student-Athlete/Parents must take the initiative in seeking out opportunities – DON’T WAIT FOR COACHES TO FIND YOU!!
  • Steps to marketing self to college coaches in your Grade 11 year
  • The ‘right fit’ - targeting the right level of school athletically and academically
  • How your list of schools should evolve from year to year
  • Narrowing your list of schools to 3 – 5 schools
  • Review the need to be initiating the communication with coaches
  • Guidelines for communicating with coaches – emails, texts and phone calls
  • The importance of Junior Days, camps and clinics
  • Review why NCAA guideline/rules make communicating with coaches easier for Grade 11’s
  • Review producing game/practice footage for coaches

Date - February 27. 2018
Time - 8:00pm - 9:00pm
Location - Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre
                   875 Morningside Ave
                   Toronto, ON  M1C 0C7



  1. One or both parents must attend seminar with their son/daughter. There is no charge for parents of registered Student-Athletes.
  2. Please bring material to take notes (taking pictures of presentation slides is prohibited)

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