Grade 8 Seminar Orientation to the Recruiting


Orientation to the recruiting process

  • The benefits of being a Student-Athlete at post-secondary school including, U.S. College (NCAA, NAIA), CIA/OUA and OCAA
  • Prepare the Student-Athlete/parents for what lies ahead for when the recruiting process begins
  • When recruiting process should start
  • Importance placed on academics – the better the marks (Gr. 9 – 12) the more opportunities
  • Understanding that the Student-Athlete/Parents must take the initiative in seeking out opportunities – DON’T WAIT FOR COACHES TO FIND YOU!!

Academic Requirements for NCAA and OUA/CIS Eligibility


  • Why good marks are imperative from Gr. 9 to 12 for NCAA bound student-athletes
  • Understanding Grade Point Average (GPA) – Comparing to percentage or letter grades
  • Know how to calculate your GPA
  • Why to avoid marks of 58, 59, 68, 69, 78, 79 %
  • Overview of the NCAA sliding scale and the impact it has on achieving good marks
  • SAT’s and ACT’s – brief overview provided
  • Students with IEP’s


  • The wrong courses or poor marks can lead to being ineligible to participate in the NCAA
  • Student-athletes interested in NCAA DI or DII must have 16 NCAA core courses
  • Review of Ontario High School Courses that are recognized as NCAA core courses
  • What the 16 required core courses are
  • Specific focus given to the Grade 9 Core Courses – be prepared for high school course selection
  • The role of the NCAA eligibility centre and Core Courses – ensure you will be NCAA eligible

Date - February 8, 2018
Time - 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Location - Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre
                   875 Morningside Ave
                   Toronto, ON  M1C 0C7

Cost - $40 


  1. One or both parents must attend seminar with their son/daughter. There is no charge for parents of registered Student-Athletes.
  2. Please bring material to take notes (taking pictures of presentation slides is prohibited)

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