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With the Silver Membership package Student-Athletes Game Plan will provide the initial guidance and education to assist the Student-Athlete and parents in navigating through the recruiting process.   This one-time consulting session, will provide a blueprint/framework for the family to follow in the efforts of successfully acquiring an athletic scholarship.  The list below are items included with your Silver Membership.

Initial Consulting Session (60 – 90 minutes):
            - receive a thorough overview of the recruiting process
            - get your questions answered
            - determine what to get started with based on Grade and age
            - outline the tasks to be completed and next steps
            - create a timeline of when to complete the tasks

Package of resources for you to use throughout the recruiting process includes
            - Student-Athletes Game Plan blueprint to securing an athletic scholarship
            - Step by step handbook to pursue an Athlete-Scholarship at a U.S. College/University
            - NCAA College Bound Student-Athlete Guide
            - List of useful websites
            - NCAA Eligibility Centre’s Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete
            - List of the NCAA Core Courses
            - List of the top 50 Colleges/Universities

High School Courses and NCAA Eligibility:
           - Review the Student-Athletes high school courses to date
           - Review NCAA core course requirements
           - Chart the Student-Athletes high school courses according to NCAA core
              course requirements
           - Determine what courses are still required to meet NCAA eligibility requirements
           - Calculate and Review required GPA
           - Provide guidance on high school course selection

SAT/ACT testing
           - Full details provided on when/where to write, how to register
           - Details provided on test subject areas, scoring system and score requirements for
             NCAA eligibility

Athletic Portfolio
           - Receive a thorough outline on creating an effective athletic portfolio
           - Review exemplars of athletic portfolios

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