Seminar #3 Academic Requirements for NCAA Eligibility


Academic Requirements for NCAA Eligibility - $199

In order to be eligible to compete, practice and receive athletic scholarship money at a Division I or II School, student-athletes must meet the NCAA Eligibility Center academic requirements. These requirements can be challenging to understand, given they are not part of the Ontario High School guidelines for graduation. This seminar will help the student-athlete and parent become familiar with the NCAA Eligibility Center, what the academic requirements are and how to navigate through them. The NCAA have identified specific courses out of the Ontario High School (and each Province) curriculum that count as NCAA core courses. It is imperative that student-athletes take enough of these core these courses in high school beginning in Gr. 9, get the required marks, and graduate within the timelines. Ensure you are academically eligible!

Topics Include:
  • Understanding what the role of the NCAA Eligibility Center
  • When and how to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center
  • Ontario High School Courses that are recognized as NCAA core courses
  • Identifying the total number of required number of Core Courses
  • Reviewing the core course breakdown and time guidelines
  • How the NCAA Eligibility Centre calculates your GPA
  • SAT/ACT requirements
  • Understanding the DI and DII sliding scale requirements
  • Academic requirement differences for Division I, II, III, NAIA, and NJCAA
  • Qualifier, Academic Red-shirt, non-qualifier and early qualifier options
  • What students with documented learning disabilities do to get accommodations

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