Seminar #4 The Day and the Life of an NCAA Student-Athlete


The Day and the Life of an NCAA Student-Athlete - $199

NCAA sport is different in many ways to what most athletes are accustomed to. Coaches have performance based jobs and with that comes a high level of intensity and expectations both on and off the field. In this seminar, one of Game Plan’s guest speakers will provide the student-athlete (and parents) with insight to what it is like being a scholarship athlete while getting their post-secondary education. The speaker will share their experiences on a variety of topics, discuss expectations and adjustments the student-athlete will face.

Topics Include:
  • Academic expectations - workload, grades, study hall, tutors
  • Athletic expectations
  • Coaches expectationsTime management – classes, study hall, practice, competition, social
  • Examples of team rulesFitness and Training
  • Nutrition
  • Dealing with various playing time situations
  • Dealing with the high and lows/challenges/adversity
  • Perks and rewards
  • What the off-season is like
  • What the summer is like
  • Why playing NCAA can be such a great experience

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