Seminar #1 Marketing Yourself to the College Coach


Marketing Yourself to the College Coach - $199

Why wait for the college coach to find you? This seminar will review a number of strategies to use to not only get yourself on coaches recruiting lists, but to become a prospect they want to recruit. When trying to get a job, one does not wait for potential employers to find you? Getting your resume out to prospective employers is key in landing a job. Same holds true for getting a scholarship, so get your athletic portfolio out to prospective coaches.

Topics include:
  • An overview and understanding of the NCAA: division I, II, III
  • Review U.S. College options - NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA
  • Insight to athletic scholarships and financial aid packages – what kind of money is available
  • Developing a long and short list of schools to target
  • Getting yourself in the coaches database and receiving info on their sport program
  • Creating an athletic portfolio to provide coaches
  • Producing game/practice footage for coaches
  • Communicating with coaches – emails, texts and phone calls

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